Travelogue: Paris

Throughout history, I have seen French as a country proud of its culture and heritage. During the first 8-9 decades of the 100 year war, it was clearly evident that French knights are not an equal match against the English Longbow. Yet they fought hard and long enough to turn the tide of the war. In the First World War, they were able to force the Prussians into a long expensive stalemate. However against Hitler the French surrendered, faster than the German tanks could march. Paris was declared as an open city and Hitler simply marched in.

This event always puzzled me. Because although some brave citizens did put up a strong resistance, it was not formidable enough. It was only during the weekend, when I visited Paris could I understand. Each and every road in Paris has so much history around it. The buildings are both beautiful and antique. In 3 days, I could barely touch few of the important monuments and it will take me atleast 2 more weekends before I am somewhat satisfied.
I am not convinced that:

It is easy to terrorize the civilized world into submission because they have too much to lose.

This was the statement made by Atilla the hun, when he tried to summarize the reason for his unprecedented success against the Roman and forcing them to pay a hefty tribute. Even today this explains the terror tactics of Jehadis and why USA is unable to curtain them.

If you haven’t visited Paris, then you have really missed a lot

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Damn you lucky *******. Come back and give me a detail on it. Am planning to go to the Sarnath museum meanwhile to look at the Gupta dynasty artefacts.

don’t bother going to sarnath museum.
1. visit Varanasi… if possible during deep diwali (14 days after the normal diwali)
2. enjoy the heritage of varanasi
3. visit the various oriental buddist temples in sarnath and the main stupa.. try to figure out how these temples are so similar and yet so different

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