15 POSCO employees held captive

We always think that Afghanistan, Iraq are dangerous places to do business with, but looks like India is even worse. Last month Reliance Fresh had to shut down its stores in Uttar Pradesh and Orissa because the mobs ransacked the stores and the police/Mayavati sides with the arsonists.
Yesterday in a replay of the last month’s incident, the mob in Orissa abducted in 2 separate incidents first 4 POSCO officials, and then 11 contractors trying to build a bridge there.
Luckily, unlike Graham Stewart Stains (an Australian missionary) these guys were not burnt alive.

Why has our country been reduced to an Anarchy?

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Mahendra has said what was exactly in my mind. Mob Rule is increasing day by day. And unfortunately as the Rizwanur case in Kolkata shows, even people in authority tend to act like mobs. That is the real scary part!!

i did not knew about Rizwanur case, thanks.

about mob rule:
justice delayed is justice denied… indian courts are indecisive even after decades of legal battle.. and still the rich and powerful roam free while the poor toil for years in prision.. waiting for a hearing….
i won’t blame people if they lose their patience and want to take the law into their own hands… but we must realize that its not justice..

isnt the police a sort of state mob in india
just look at how they treated the anti reservation protests etc
there is no autonomy or reform and the police chiefs are handpicked by politicians that is the old British system at work

politics in the tn and in kolkatta is mob based

on justice thru courts and taling law in hands
did u know that the babri masjid case was goin on since pre independence?

welcome to ENagar.
you made me remember the legendary comment of Mahatama on IAS (then ICS office)
It is not Indian, it is not Civil and it is definitely not a Service.

and the worst aspect of courts is PIL… it is one of the latest gimmick to harass people and waste the precious time.

why r u so against the pil it is a good thing
yes it is misused but not all the time
and the courts are vigilant.
the problem is in the system qty of the amt of breaks the judges get and the system of goin thru the crap each time u go to a higher court.
india loves litigation period!

i am against it because people are using it for harassment. Plus if you have noticed, most of these high profile PIL get a hearing within hours of getting filed, while the needy await years for a trial date.

//india loves litigation period!//
discussing without arriving at any conclusion.

😀 sometimes I feel like doing that…. btw i have had real life experience of watching my father being surrounded by a group of 100-200 hostile mob… and trust me anybody caught in it cannot have the guts to even think about petrol.

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