ladies purse

As the bus pulled away, a woman realized she had left her purse under the seat. Later, she called and was relieved that her bag had been found. When she went to pick it up, several off-duty bus drivers surrounded her. One handed her two typewritten pages, her purse, and a box containing the purse’s contents. “We inventory everything we find. It’s all there,” he explained. As she started to put everything back into her purse, he continued, “May we watch? We all tried and failed to get it all back inside. We’re curious as to how you do it!”


Newspaper Headlines

Some obscure humour. These are actual funny newspaper headlines.

* Grandmother of eight makes hole in one
* House passes gas tax onto senate
* Two convicts evade noose, jury hung
* Safety experts say school bus passengers should be belted
* Milk drinkers are turning to powder
* NJ judge to rule on nude beach
* Farmer bill dies in house
* Panda mating fails – veterinarian takes over
* Organ festival ends in smashing climax
* Child’s stool great for use in garden
* Soviet virgin lands short of goal again
* Deaf mute gets new hearing in killing


A car hit

A car hit a software developer. After the paramedics loaded him into the ambulance, one asked him, “Are you comfortable?” The man replied weakly, “I make a nice living.”

Humor Photography

office is a maze


Two deaf men

Two deaf men on a coffee break were talking about how late they stayed out the previous night. One signed, “When I got home, my wife was asleep so I just slipped into bed without getting in trouble.” The other signed back, “Lucky you. My wife was wide awake, sitting up in bed, waiting for me. She gave me hell for hanging out so late with you.” The first signed back, “So? What did you do?” The second answered, “I turned out the light!”