Ever wondered how vulnerable hindu religion is?

Last week, because the idol of a wife of a politician was defaced, the whole Hindu religion was in deep crisis. All over Maharastra there were protests, riots, and disruption of normal life.

I was thinking, what would be the next logical step.
1) kill all the pigeons because they defecate on the idol of Chatrapati Shivaji?
2) Kill att the dogs, because one of them pissed over the car tyres of a Shiv Sainak.

It is the weak who try to hide thier weakness behind violence. If hindu religion is this weak that so called custodian have to resort to violence every week, then probably we should disown it.

PS: good thing is that bombay blasts and Shiv Sena protests were not together, otherwise people would have started suspecting a correlation.



“People want economy and they will pay any price to get it.”
– Lee Iacocca


If you aim at the moon, you will hit the stars


I have miles to go before I rest

– Jawahar Lal Nehru


There is always room at the top.


So long as governments set the example of killing their enemies, private citizens will occasionally kill theirs.
Elbert Hubbard


“An executive is a person who always decides; sometimes he decides correctly, but he always decides.”
– John H. Patterson


The Myth of the New India

This an interesting article, undermining the achievements of India. But what I like about it is that most opinions and observations are backed with some data.


connecting tibet to main land

In the last post

I was discussing how people of North East now have a newer market to trade to. But now with the opening of the rail link to Tibet, it seems that this market has expanded to the entire China.

In an ambitious $4.2 billion project, 1,140km or rail line was laid at an average elevation of 4000m to link the city of Golmud in Qinghai province with Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. China already has expressed its keenness in linking this rail line with India. If successful, it might lead to the formation of a Pan Asian rail link.

This link will

1) Increase the trade between neighbors.

2) Prove to be a harbinger of peace in the region.

3) Reduce India’s dependence on ports which are already overloaded.


division of time

The division of time is one the most screwed up interface of earth. As a high school student I always used to get confused in the conversions and till day curse the fact that
1year = 365 days, 12 months.
months can have anything from 28, 29, 30 to 31 days in it.
Most of us have schedule by the week ( Monday morning meetings, Friday night parties, Sunday schedule etc.) but neither the month nor the year is divided into a whole number of weeks.
Then 1day = 24 hours
but 1hour = 60 minutes and seconds so on…
However 1 second is divided into 1000 milliseconds, micro, nano and so on….

I think one of the major reasons why most people are scared of mathematics is because of the tedious conversions from one unit of time to another.
Why is this interface so confusing?
1) The natural divisions of time are:
1 day because of the rotation of the earth.
1 year = 365 days because the revolution and the season cycle.
1 month = 29.5 days because a year is too long and lunar cycle is a easier to read clock.
Using these 3 references is inevitable if you want your time to have any reference. But this answers only half of my problem. Why a complicated division of 24 hours, 7 day week, 60 minutes, 1000 milliseconds?

2) The hours were introduced by Egyptians with a simple metric concept in mind.
A work day consisted of 10 equal hours. End of each hour, workers were allowed to take a break from their work in the scorching heat and drink some water or have some bread.
Simple isn’t it, unfortunately they did not think the concept thoroughly. There was an additional hour for dawn and dusk giving rise to 12 hour day time. Since the banks of Nile were close to equator, the duration of day and night was roughly the same. Hence 24 hour day came into existence. Hence rendering a simple metric concept into a complicated multiple of 24.

3) 1 hour had 60 minutes, 1minute 60 seconds because of the European influence. Counting things in multiple of 12, 60 or 180 was common at that time. And clock technology at that time might not be good enough to upgrade from 60 divisions to 100. (to make 100 notches on a gear wheel, one had to increase the dia and hence make the clock unnecessarily bulky) However with the advent of digital clocks we rectified this mistake by dividing a second into metric system again.

4) However by the time the digital technology (capable of measuring fractions of seconds) was developed, America was dominating. Hence decimal system was introduced. So in a way in whichever era you are, the standards followed by that country is adopted and later generations are incapable of changing it. There is a similar story about how a horse’s arse influenced the roman chariot size and hence the modern day railroad specifications.

This is what happens when you do not think your design throughly enough. You start with a simple metric concept, but end up with a complicated 24 hours….. or you have a mix and match of divisions of 60 and 100.



The young man really liked the perfume the young lady was wearing and asked its name. She looked puzzled for a minute then dumped the contents of her purse on the table between them. She searched through the pile and finally found a small atomizer.
She looked at the label and announced, “Unforgettable”



I always was curious about the science of being able to predict. palmist, numerologist etc were a facination. But now everytime someone offers me to predict my future, a question arises in my mind

1) If you can accurately know intimate details about me and know my darkest secrets, know what I am going to do next. Then probably you are the most dangerous man for me. Why would I give access to all my personal files, data and facts to you, even though all I have to do is show you my palm?

2) If all you do is mutter some vague words, and shoot in the dark hoping that atleast one of them hits the target. Then probably its a complete waste of time.
I do not know which of the 2 are applicable to oracle, fortune tellers, psychics, but either way I do not think I am in for them.