WHO denies Taiwan’s representation

The first plague traveled round the globe in sea faring ships, today SARS travels in jets. If there is an epidemic in one part of the globe, its usually takes a couple of hours be spread to another.

So how should we curtail this globalization of Diseases?
By Banning Taiwan from becoming a part of WHO.

Apparently WHO and its members had excluded Taiwan in 1972. Lets guess the reason. Is it because:
1) Taiwan government seizes life saving drugs and sells it to the open market?
2) Taiwan is a no man land, and WHO lost several health workers in the insurgency?
3) Taiwanese government ill treats Doctors and Medical Personnels?

Well it was a trick question.
Taiwan has been repeatedly pleading WHO to start its operations and share valuable research and data with it. But WHO believes in “One China Policy”. It cannot afford to jeopardize its relationship with China in a mission to save the world from epidemic outbreaks.
Why can’t we keep politics away from such noble tasks?


No night shifts for K’taka women

I love Karnataka Govt.. Initially it was due to the humor that Mr H. D. Dev Gowda adds to the front page with his senseless and stupid speeches and announcements, but now due to the legislations.

The latest one being “Ban of women in night shifts”
Typically I would expect such bills to be pro-females after all, in the eyes of the government, they are the weaker sex who needs protection. But my assumption was soon proved wrong by the last line of the news:
“And this gives women’s groups enough time to gather their resources and voice their protest.”

Can anybody please enlighten me what is the motive behind this bill? Whom is it supposed to benefit?

My stance:
1) Suppose I manage a hotel, restaurant or a shop, and I am an equal opportunity employer… what should I do? Should I continue to pay salaries to employees which will not be productive during the peak business hours (8-10pm) or should I just get rid of them?
2) What is so special about BPO/ IT offices that the ban does not apply to them?
3) What support does the government plans to give to a single mother who lost her job due to this bill?
4) What about the successful businesswoman who will have to sell her enterprise because she can no longer manage her shop while it is open?


Happiness and Maturity

I have a theory

“A guy’s Maturity is proportional to the distance from the parents and his happiness is proportional to the square of the distance from his in-laws.”

What do you think?


Glorious Past

Let me highlight our achievements 4000 years ago:
1) We had town planning. The city was laid out in a perfect grid pattern.
2) We had broad straight roads, which criss crossed each other at 90 degrees… with rounded corners to ease the traffic.
3) They had footpaths to reduce man-vehicle conflict.
4) We had sewerage system and drainage system.
5) We had water supply system, we had baths.

Indeed Indus Valley/Harappa Civilization was one of the finest achievements of Indians.

While I was boasting this, my friend asked me a question:
“Why do you Indians always talk about the Glorious Past? Aren’t there any recent developments that you guys want to share?”

I could not get his point. So he was kind enough to elaborate: If I meet someone who rants like:
“You know during my childhood, we used to have 5 cars”,
“We did not had small chests, but trunks full of gold and silver”,
“So many hundred people used to bow in each time we went to the market”,…..
What would you make out?

The guy is definitely a waster. He might have inherited a vast fortune, but he was a poor caretaker of his family legacy. Due to bad circumstances/habits, everything he values is squandered away and he is reduced to nothing. Additionally, the guy does not even dream about or has a plan to regain the heritage.

And that was his point… and I was speechless 🙁

1) Most Indian cities do not have a city planning. encroachment is like a norm.
2) Our Roads are a zig-zack lines joining a series of potholes.
3) Footpaths: I thought they were for the shops, motorcyclists.. I never saw a pedestrian using one.
4) I do not live in the slums, but my apartment complex does not have a sewerage system. We have a septic tank which we empty once in a month or so.
5) Water: everybody I know uses a pumpset.. either to suck the water from the pipe/borewell.

Now tell me, if I were you will I be talking about my present, my dreams/ambitions or my past?

Cartoons Humor News

Do you take this drunk guy’s brother …

I think I should stop writing jokes and start quoting Indian News… its more hilarious, entertaining and educative.

Villagers at a wedding in eastern India decided the groom had arrived too drunk to get married, and so the bride married the groom’s more sober brother instead,

read further

and how can I forget Dilbet’s wonderful comments on the honeymoon that will follow.


Capital Punishment

Undoubtedly more Chinese die on death row then rest of the world put together.
The total number of countries carrying out executions has fallen from 40 to 25 in a decade, and 129 countries are abolitionist in practice. India and America are two of only five democracies still to use the death penalty.
captial punishment

Since a law should adhere to the evolving standards of humanity, Why do we still practice hanging?

1) how much faith do u have in the forensic and police…. what is the probability that they have fudged the evidence. I know a thousand of innocent people were booked under TADA/POTA and wasted years without trial… Would you like an innocent guy to be hanged?

2) even if the guy has committed the crime isn’t it ok if you stash him away in a solitary confinement for 20 years… long enough that he never sees the sunlight again in his youth? If we cannot create life, we have no right to take one.