social worker

A social psychologist and a social worker were having dinner, served family style. The entrée was fish but the serving platter contained one larger piece of fish and one smaller piece. Each said politely, “Choose first.”
“No, you choose first.”
After a while, the psychologist said, “All right, I’ll go first.” and took the larger piece.
The social worker asked, “Why did you take the big piece? That’s impolite!”
The social psychologist replied, “Which piece would you have taken?”
“Why, I would have taken the small piece, of course.”
“Well, that’s what you have!”

When a man marries his mistress, he immediately creates a vacancy.

1. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

2. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

3. Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don’t.


politics and army

Look at our neighbors
China’s architect Chairman Mao said “Power flows from the barrel of the gun”.
Pakistan for more than half of its independent history has been under one dictator or another.
Myanmar is still under military junta.
Neighbors like Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka still have strong influence of army in the daily matters of the state.
India itself also had a dictator, who almost successfully legitimized herself.
Yet Indian army simply minds its own business. It has no political ambition and its preferences never shape the policies of the nation. WHY?
What is there in the country that is preventing them to do it?

My first response would be size and complexity. India is too large for a coop to be successful. To stage a military uprising, you would have to arrest 700 members of parliament, another 25 Chief ministers, have the support of atleast 100 military garrisons (army, airforce, paramilitary and navy) All this in a country where the 3 dense chiefs can’t even talk to each other informally over a phone (unless the defense minister is present) would sound like a remarkable feat. But then military chiefs have ruled over China and Russia.

Then I thought maybe politics is not what they want. But then I could find 3 well publicized instances where the Army Chiefs said a few words against their incompetent political masters and were dealt with.

1) Kodandera Madappa Cariappa, a war hero and the first army chief of independent India, said a few words against politicians. Nehru, could not ask him to resign, so he had him exiled in a golden cage. Nehru promoted him to High Commissioner to Australia in 1953.

2) In 1959, K. S. Thimayya was forced to resign when he bad mouthed his Defense Minister V.K. Krishna Menon

3) Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, after liberating Bangladesh, stupidly said that he had an offer to join the Pak army and if he had did, Indians would have been defeated. Indira Gandhi made sure that this was his last public appearance.

So what do you think is the reason?


Worker’s Plea

Please note how badly mutilated and torn the sheet of paper has become.

– Courtesy Karthi



Recently there was an office email debate going on about the benefits of Homeopathy

The views range from:

Homeopathy is a glorified placebo prescribed by quacks.
There is so much diet and other restrictions. Do you think I am crazy that I would go for it?


Homeopathy is the best medicine that a man can get. It boosts ones immunity, has no side effect. What else can you ask for?

One gentleman even forwarded me the link to this 5 million dollar experiment conducted by BBC proving that Homeopathy is nothing more than a placebo.

My personal take after all this (and I am no qualified medical professional) is that:
Most medicines have a psychological element attached to it and hence the very feeling that some near and dear one cares for us and that we are getting the right medicine has more healing effects than the medicine themselves. Hence even if they don’t work, I would prefer a pill popper to consume Homeopathy/Ayurvedic medicine rather than any toxic bio-medical concoction which the doctors normally prescribe.

Whats your take?


Scared of Injections?

Well if you do, then don’t read about the new injection which my college IIT Kharagpur has developed. Because in wrong hands, it has change the course of next 10 years of your life.


Collection Box

The pastor of a small church was having trouble with diminishing collections, so one Sunday he announced,
“Now, before we pass the collection plate, I want to request that the person who stole the chickens from Brother Smith’s henhouse please refrain from giving. The Lord doesn’t want money from a thief!”
Then the collection was passed and, for the first time in months, everyone gave!


Poor Service.

This is a nice way to tell the hotel management how bad is their service.


Visiting Cards

I have seen this a lot of time. You make a new acquaintance, talk for a couple of minutes and then want to exchange contacts. But then you will realize that the other person is not carrying his/her visiting cards. Its not the other person does not wish to exchange the number, because he/she does take down my number and give me a missed call…. but they (esp the girls) simply never ever felt the need to carry heir business cards…. Is it because i am outdated and in today’s world they r no longer relevant?

I prefer business card because:
1) A typical phone book can carry only 100-200 contacts, and just based on a 5 minute conversation i would not like to throw somebody out just to make space for you.
2) Exchanging emails r always tricky. You need to search around for a piece of paper and then a pen… it takes a lot of time and trouble. Won’t it be simple if you just pass on the rectangular piece of paper called visiting card where it is already printed.
3) If you do not wish to pass on your mobile/personal number, then its much more convenient to just pass on your visiting card where only your office desk number is listed (no more annoying sms) then to bluntly refuse divulging that info.
4) It looks much more professional and best part is that your employer will print it for free and makes sure you always have an ample supply of them.
5) If you are an entrepreneur, then it is a nice way to pass on a little advertisement and let your acquaintance at least know the name of your venture.



It is a very small, simple to use Dictionary which I have been using for more than 4 years.
You will have to download a small binary and the program will go and sit in your system tray.

Whenever while surfing/reading documents you come across a new word, all you have to do is select the word and click on the icon. A simple box will pop out and will give the meaning of the word.

BTW for the environmentally conscious, Morgan Stanley has printed a nice green book which is worth a peep.


Classification of scrips in group ‘A’

It has been decided to adopt the following eligibility criteria for inclusion of scrips in group ‘A’:

1. Company must have been listed for minimum period of 3 months.


a. The Company can be directly listed in group ‘A’ provided the market capitalisation of a company being listed, based on its issue price, is higher than the average market capitalisation of 100th company in the existing group ‘A’ as per the ranking based on preceding 3 months data.

b. Any company permitted to be traded in F&O segment from date of its listing shall be directly listed in group ‘A’.

c. Companies listed subsequent to any corporate action involving merger/ demerger/ capital restructuring etc.

2. Companies traded for minimum 98% of the trading days in past 3 months shall be considered eligible.

3. Companies with minimum non-promoter holding of 10% as per the shareholding pattern of most recent quarter shall be considered eligible. The criteria of minimum 10% non-promoter holding shall not be applicable to public sector undertakings (PSUs).

4. The weightage of 75% and 25% shall be given to ranking on three monthly average market capitalisation and traded turnover respectively to arrive at the final ranks.

5. The list derived, based on final rank shall be screened for compliance and investigation. Based on this screening, the list of top 200 companies shall constitute group ‘A’.

6. The group re-classification shall be reviewed twice in a year i.e. February and August.

7. On inclusion of any new Company in group ‘A’ based on criteria 1(a) or 1(b) detailed above, the last company in the existing group ‘A’, based on its final rank calculated on data preceding three months shall be excluded.

8. All companies not included in group ‘A’, ‘S’ or ‘Z’ shall constitute group ‘B’. The division of group ‘B’ into group ‘B1’ and ‘B2’ is being discontinued.

9. In addition to these groups, scrips may be classified in group ‘T’ and ‘TS’ as part of the surveillance measures.

The revised list of ‘A’ group companies shall be announced through a separate circular on February 18, 2008 and it shall come into effect from March 3, 2008.

Sourced From: MoneyControl