Does IT matter

Here is a nice HBR paper that says that Information technology does not matter.

And here are some rebuttals for the above assertions


food poison

2 brothers were having their breakfast one morning.. it’s cereals with hot chocolate.. the younger brother finished his drink and took his bowl of cereal, and went to the aquarium. Just as he was about to feed the fish with the bowl of cereals, his mother came in and shouted, ‘jon, dont do it!! the fish will die!!’ the little boy turned pale, and gave his mother a desperate look..

Joke stolen from GMohanPrakash


MBA Learnings: How to Sound Smarter

Sai Harish today forwarded me this mail:

This is a list of words to be used if you want to impress the world with your management gyan

There are three columns of words involved, as follows:

0. Balanced 0. Management 0. contingency
1. total 1. Organization 1. Hardware (or software)
2. integrated 2. reciprocal 2. projection
3. compatible 3. monitored 3. time-frame
4. synchronized 4. digital 4. concept
5. optimal 5. modular 5. programming
6. responsive 6. transitional 6. mobility
7. functional 7. Incremental 7. capability
8. parallel 8. third-generation 8. flexibility
9. systemized 9. policy 9. options

Just select any three-digit number; then use the corresponding Buzzwords from the above grid, e.g., 257: “integrated modular capability”. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense to you; it won’t mean anything to anyone else either, but they’ll think you’re just smarter than they are so they won’t say anything!! ..


Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Randy Pausch was a computer scientist at CMU. Diagnosed of pancreatic cancer he gave the last lecture on Sep 2007. The lecture is all about achieving ones dream and enabling others to reach their dreams.

Although the lecture lasted for more than an hour, but you can really appreciate how moving this passionate lecture was.
Thanks Karthi for forwarding it to me


Broken Speed Gun

A man drove past a traffic camera and saw it flash. He couldn’t believe he had been caught speeding when he was driving below the speed limit for once! He turned around and drove past again, this time even slower. But as he passed the camera, it flashed again. He was angry! He turned around again and this time drove past at a snail’s pace. But again, the camera flashed. “Oh, well,” he thought. “It must be broken.” and drove home.
A week later, he received three tickets in the mail for not wearing his seatbelt!


Before Sunrise, Before Sunset

All I can say about this movie is that in spite of the fact that it is a low budget movie, its just perfect. Also it is among the rare movies where the sequel is much better than the prequel. Each and every dialog was well thought off and the body language and facial expressions are natural.

Here is the brief plot:
Before Sunrise
A guy meets this interesting girl in a train and asks her to spend the evening with him in Vienna. The director beautifully captures how the 2 strangers were initially awkward around each other, but soon those barriers broke. They had the most amazing evening of their life.

Before Sunset
You need to watch Before Sunrise to understand the story. Here is how it goes. The 2 characters moved on with their life and never met again for the next 9 years. The guy even wrote a book about that night in order to preserve the memories. Then the most amazing thing happens, they bump into each other. The guy has just 30 minutes before he has to leave to catch the flight and the whole movie revolves around those 30 minutes.

The best part of the movie is that how accurately it captures the difference between our projected self from our real self. If you meet a very dear friend after a long time, initially we project how great life is and how successful we have been. Its only after some time that we reveal the true problems we are facing.

As always, If you want a copy of the movie and happen to live in Lucknow, then feel free to contact me.


Relatives and their perceptions in India and outside India

In India: A woman capable of making your life miserable.

Outside India: A woman you never fight with, because where else you will find such a dedicated baby sitter for free?


In India: A boring human species, who listens more to his mother than you, and orders you around to serve him, his parents and siblings.

Outside India: Still boring, but now a useful human species that comes in handy when the house needs to be vacuumed.


In India: A person whose house you can drop into any time of the day or night and you’ll always be welcome.

Outside India: A person whom you have to call first to check and make sure he is not busy.


In India: A woman who gives you your underwear and towel when you go to take a shower and also cooks for you.

Outside India: A woman who yells at you not to leave tub dirty when you go to take bath.


In India: A teenager, who without asking will carry your grocery bags from the market.

Outside India: A teenager, who suddenly remembers he has lot of homework when you start mowing the lawn.


In India: A lovely doll, who brings tears to your eyes during her marriage.

Outside India: A lovely doll, who brings you to tears long before her marriage.


In India: A person you are afraid of, and who is never to be disobeyed.

Outside India: A person to whom you pretend to obey, after all he is the one paying your college tuition.


In India: A respectable person with OK income.

Outside India: A money making machine, who has a money spending machine at home called ‘doctor’s wife’.


In India: A vigorous Punjabi festival dance.

Outside India: A dance you do, when you don’t know how to dance.

Software Engineer

In India: A high-tech guy, always speaks tries to speak in english in an American accent, always anxious to queue in the consulate visa line.

Outside India: The same hi-tech guy, who does Ganapati Puja everyday, and says ‘This is my last year in the US’ every year.

A Green Card holder bachelor

In India: The guy can’t speak Hindi, parents of good looking girls are dying to hook him, wears jacket in summer, says he has a BMW back there.

Outside India: The guy can’t speak proper English, wears jacket all the time, works in a Candy store at Manhattan, dreams of owning a BMW.

Post stolen from Satish


Happy fathers day

I could not stop laughing


Best Haircut


how to escape performing household chores