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3 proofs


Three proofs that Jesus was Jewish:
1 He went into his fathers business
2 He lived at home until the age of 33
3 He was sure that his mother was a virgin
and his mother was sure that he was God

Three proofs that Jesus was Irish:
1 He never got married
2 He never had a steady job
3 His last request was for a drink

Three proofs that Jesus was Mexican:
1 His first name was Jesus
2 He was always in trouble with the law
3 His mother did not know who his father was

Three proofs that Jesus was Italian:
1 He talked with his hands
2 He had wine with every meal
3 He didn’t disrespect prostitutes

Three proofs that Jesus was black:
1 He called everyone brother
2 He had no permanent address
3 Nobody would hire him

Three proofs that Jesus was a Californian:
1 He never cut his hair
2 He walked around barefoot
3 He invented a new religion


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Honeymoon is over

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