Big Bazzar Wednesday Onion-Potato scheme

Big Bazaar has come up with a wonderful scheme. For a purchase of 1,000 INR, you can avail free 1kg onion and Potato for the next 52 weeks.
Even by the most conservative estimate, 52kg of onion and 52 kg on potato will be worth 1,500 INR.
However what makes the whole scheme interesting is how much this can change the buying pattern on indian consumers.
1. You need to visit the store every week. Which effectively means that you will not only make your monthly purchases, but also your weekly purchases there. Hence a shift from low margin commodities like groceries to higher margin perishable fruits and vegetables.
2. Wednesday, being in the middle of the week, is typically a lean day for retailers. Hence this attractive promotion offer would help them balance the crowd better (a customer who has already made his purchase on the weekday might not visit the store again on the weekend) Thereby enabling them to service more households without having to take the pains of visiting the store.
3. 52 weeks is a long enough time to permanently change the buying pattern of the customers.

Future group (its promoters) have launched a prepaid card (which also offers a cash discount of 5% on all sales). A consumer usually is in the hurry to consume the balance in a pre-paid card. Hence he/she effectively is expected to visit the store repeatedly. Also like credit cards, many people tend to spend more when there is an option of a cashless transaction.

I really feel that these 2 schemes are really innovative measures taken by this retail chain. They will not only increase the footfalls and billing but also change the consumer buying behavior completely.