LTTE and Tamil Refugees

LTTE started with a very noble cause. Since the 70s it fought for the rights of the Tamil people. Initially the Tamils were treated real bad by the Sinhalese. However the success of this extremist outfit forced the government to treat them like equals.
This 30 year long civil war in Sri Lanka has caused a lot of casualties on both sides. However the real people who suffered were the tens of thousands of refugees who were displaced. Almost every mile of the shore of Tamil Naidu (India) has a refugee camp.

India’s history of treating migrants (even from parts of its own country) is abysmally bad. Biharis and Bangladeshis are regularly singled out and rounded up by not only mobs of civilians but also the police. However there is a lot of sympathy for tamil refugees in Tamil Naidu. (Which also explains their ubiquitous presence) So the question is
“Will the Sri Lankan refugees ever return back to their mainland?”
“What will the government of India do?”