Ricin is just about the easiest, and at the same time, most toxic poison that a criminal can
make. Less than a milligram (1/1,000 of a gram) injected or inhaled will kill a person several
times over. For individual killings, it has the advantage of being undetectable in toxicology
scans since the poison is a catalyst the starts a chain reaction in the body, and is destroyed
before the symptoms begin to show.
With properly sized and dispersed dry particles, ricin is at least 10x more toxic than the most
potent nerve gas. A 1% water solution atomized with a small explosive burster has the same
effectiveness as sarin nerve gas. The only disadvantage ricin has is the time it takes for the
victims to die is about 1 – 2 weeks. So you won’t have the quick tactical effect of nerve gas. But
this can also be good in that, using a covert dissemination, the criminal has time to escape
before the attack is detected.
The information presented below is from a US Patent #3,060,165


Lion let loose

Technicians at Shuwaikh car repair shops were having a normal day at work, when suddenly a nervous looking LION came out of no where…seemingly hungry because of how skinny his body looks

Workers freaked out, jumping over each other, some locking themselves up in cars, some in the offices, and some just ran away…but one brave guy took the picture of this Lion without making a sound….and there was the SHOCK when the Lion turned around…nobody could believe it

Turns out it’s their Indian co-worker’s dog. He shaved the dog in such a way to look like a Lion…. let’s just say the poor Indian co-worker has gotten a bit more than a hard pat on the back

– Another amazing forward from Fahim