How to stay safe while traveling

This week’s Economist has 2 very useful tips:
1. Try not to venture out too early in the morning. The bombers spend all night psyching themselves up, then say their prayers at dawn, and go off to murder. A second helping of Corn Flakes could save your life.
2. Always try to get a hotel room between 2nd and the 6th floor. This way you are far away from the shootouts, car bombs, robbery etc. and yet not too far away that the fire brigade’s ladders cannot reach you.


Phonebook Woes

I got a curious call from my neighbor yesterday.
A: Hi
D: Hello Ankur, I don’t want to talk to you!
A: What! Why!
D: Oh, wrong Ankur. How are you doing? Long time no see…
I wonder how many times you have participated in such a conversation. How many of you have received this sms:
“My new contact number is XXXX
– XYZ”
Few of the times this message does not have the senders name, and even if it does have I have a tough time decoding it.
I wonder what would be the ideal solution.


more one liners

Geologists are the only men who can speak to their female bosses using the words “dike,” “thrust,” “bed,” “orogeny,” “cleavage,” and “subduction” in the same sentence without a civil lawsuit!
Life was much simpler when blackberry and apple were just fruits



one of the best search engine commercials i have ever seen