Sahara and Reliance

Ever wondered why companies with names like Sahara (means support) and Reliance score so low on:
1. Corporate Governance
2. Transparency
3. Accounting practices
I guess through their corporate names the management is trying to obliterate these very concerns.



It is a simple movie about a dysfunctional marriage which is finally saved by the husband. The guy’s parents entrusts upon a book with a 40 days step by step workout on how to rekindle the love, care and affection. Also embedded in the movie are some references to Christian philosophy, religion and sanctity of the marriage as a bond that can only be broken by death. However I would say that it is a must watch for anybody who has overcome the marital difficulties.

Quotes review

Punishment – by Boss

I have been a fan of Kelsey Grammer since the first episode of Frasier. So when it recently came to my notice that he was acting in a drama as a character with a negative shade, I was looking forward to it. I completed watching the first season of “Boss”, which is an amazing series. Fantastic stories and subplots, superb dialogues. I jotted down an excerpt from one of the episodes which features the Boss’s political adviser telling him about the nature of punishment. Good lines, even better with the context.
The punishment should always be commensurate to the crime. It should be proportionate And visible. A punishment is not only an act of retribution, it’s also a signal.
It needs to be seen and understood by anyone else Who might have flirted with the notion of committing the same transgression,
And it’s a signal that no one is exempt from the consequences of betrayal.
We had a saying when I was in the boy scouts whenever we entered a camp:”take pictures,leave footprints.” But now more than ever,you must do neither.
There is a formal aspect to punishment, a ritual nature. It has shape and body. It’s about consequence, Accountability, Actions having repercussions. It’s vital that the transgressors understand the rules they have broken. Your choice of punishment needs to be seen as fair, proportional and reciprocal.
But the nature can only be decided by the punisher himself – You. You decide. The boss.