detective choice: volume 3 walkthrough

You have been bitten and this book is a race against time. If you loose, you become a werewolf. Also like the previous book you are solving multiple cases simultaneously. Also if you play it right, you get a chance to meet your missing wife rose, but she might not be very happy about it.
For those of you who want to score the top score, here is the walk through.

Take brentwood
Tell him the truth
Use the candelabra
Quiet and slow
Guess violin
Go for broke
Ask for 100
motivated by money
The dairy queen
$ 10 Bribe
Tell him about the bite
Peek through
Turn and Attack
Wound him
Use humor
sucker punch him
‘Awfully glad to be alive’
Poke her
Ask about bandages
Truth about Rose
Go to the library
Tell the truth
Creep quietly
Run for the stairs
Have her duck
Go to your office
Play it cool
A scotch
Stay sober
Curse him
wax museum
Ask Pasha
Save the gypsy
Heidi Redtree
Pay admission
tell her about the curse
simple & direct
tell her about the bite
straight & simple
Promise a doctor
travel on foot
winch open the door
The library
Stick to the library
Split up
block the librarian
Let her go
Keep your distance
Tell them to hide

Indus water treaty 1960

Tamil Naidu and Karnataka, the two states within India have difficulty in amicably sharing water and resort to violence every year. Almost all cities/regions in India have scarcity of water and water table is depleting at almost a crisis level. Then how come a treaty signed in 1960 between two warring countries still survive in 2016?
It is a beautiful piece of document, which thanks to the geography, makes it very easy to govern & enforce. The principle terms were agreed by December 1954, yet the signed treaty took another 6 years to finalize and was formally signed only in 19 Sept 1960. MEA was maintaining a copy of the agreement (However the link is now down and last I had accessed it was in 2013) Here is the pdf copy of the agreement that I could source.
This 1960 agreement divides the whole basin into Western rivers and Eastern rivers. India is granted exclusive access to 3 eastern Rivers Sutlej, Beas & Ravi, while Pakistan is granted access to 3 western rivers Indus, Jhelum & Chenab. India is required to maintain the catchment area in the J&K for the three western rivers and in return Pakistan is to maintain the drainage for the three eastern rivers. Additionally, a sum of 62 million pounds were to be paid to Pakistan in 10 installments to divert the western rivers to irrigate the eastern rivers catchment area.
There is hardly any portion of The Indus basin in India, in spite what the name India would have suggested. Pakistan getting 80% of the water is because of geography and not because of generosity of India. Indus river does not flow through India and hence there is little we can do to change it. If you have doubt the map I have posted, then check any atlas or google maps which is sensible enough to demarcate IOK and POK. Whatever portion of Indus is in Ladhak is no more than a trickle compared to the 233 thousand cusec (6,600 tons per sec) that gets discharged to the Arabian ocean. Mind you that this is the amount of water that is after all the irrigation, evaporation, seepage into the ground throughout the 2,880km of length and other forms of consumption/diversion.
These rivers are oceans not drain pipes so changing their natural flow is prohibitively expensive. There is no water pump in the planet that can handle the flow so diverting Beas to Rajasthan is going to be prohibitively expensive. Also India does not use 100% of the water of the eastern rivers (of Indus basin) or the ganga basin, so why go another 1000km north, waste money in expensive terraforming activities just to disrupt the flow of Pak rivers. Mind you the Western rivers don’t even flow in the plains of India so this diversion has to be done in the mountains at an astronomical ecological & financial drain. Many portions of the Himalyas are still prone to earthquakes and god knows what will happen. Just take the arguments against Tehri dam and magnify them by 100 folds.
China build Zangmu Dam (藏木) on Bhramaputra river which disrupts the downstream flow. In theory India could create flash floods and droughts in the 3 western rivers, but are we ready to bear the moral & ecological cost of the same? Himalayas produces enough water to satisfy the needs of both India & Pakistan. If any country needs more then they can reduce the discharge to the Arabian sea & Bay of Bengal respectively. Let us not threaten the 56-year-old treaty just to fulfill one’s political ambitions.


Detective's choice volume 2

This time, you are solving not one but two cases simultaneously. Your best friend (an ex cop) daughter was forcibly taken away after the single assailant cut open the scalp of the father. the second case of a native American chief’s mummy that rose from the dead. needless to say that Jack Jericho is quite weak and wrong choices will get him killed before he can solve both the cases.
Here is a walkthrough:

Play undercover cop
Yes/w operation
Five clams
All business
High ball
Need number
Another entrance
‘Just dropping in’
push harder
Ask him
insist that he talks
Pick lock
Fire alarm
tell a joke
Gun him down
A lie
Make a joke
‘Can I take a look under the hood?’
‘That’s why people hire me.’
hide column
Love of adventure
Go for gun
Be a wise guy
talk to him
‘She was my wife’
Doctor Clay
Calm Heidi
Use the torch
Throw the torch
Gun him down
Go for gun

Detective choice volume 1

The 4 part volume book seems not so much connected at first, but it is about a almost broke detective (ex. cop) who is chasing supernatural creatures in the 30s world of America. The remarks are a bit sexist and the first volume revolves around burlesque dancers. We there is a connection between mystery & feminine beauty. The dancers keep dying in seeming bizarre but accidental deaths and you are supposed to stop any further deaths.
this is an android based interactive novel. I.e. the story is steered in the direction you want (to a limited extend). There are no right/wrong choices and you can always restart, but the good choice will improve your life, lower your rage, increase your cool and help you save some cash. Here is the walkthrough:

eyes do the talking
generous fee
another entrance
buff your way in
kick the door
Ghost of Christmas past
Keep Wheeling
Get sleep
Have sissy ask
Sissy running
Sissy kneeling
Play it cool
Lora Lust
Kick door
kick and run
Kick door
Try taking
Keep talking

I will be posting volume 2 and three tomorrow (volume four I am still unable to unlock)