3 wise women

Can you imagine what the Bible would have to say if instead of the three wise men, you’d have three wise women?
You might get the following:

* They would have asked for directions.
* They would have arrived on time.
* They would have helped deliver the baby.
* They would have cleaned the stables.
* They would have brought practical gifts.
* They would have made a casserole.

But what would have happened when they left?
You’d have heard:

* “Did you see the sandals Mary was wearing with that gown?”
* “I heard Joseph isn’t even working right now.”
* “And that donkey they were riding has seen better days, too.”
* “Virgin, my a$$! I knew her in high school.”
* “That baby doesn’t look anything like Joseph.”
* “Want to bet how long it will take to get my casserole dish back?”
* “Did you see that drummer boy? He can beat my drum anytime!!!”

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