55,000 Blood donors affected with HIV

A shocking news about how 55,000 (conservative estimate) blood donors got infected with HIV in a Chinese public-health scandal.
India too has its fair share of public-health scandals esp. the infamous forceful sterilization’s, but none were as grave as this one.

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This is crazy… world does not know of many such issues within China because of its shroud of cover over all media.

There is very litte info. even about this incident.

But they are making progress like crazy boss… sent a missile from earth to shoot down a satellite ! This is not a easy piece of technology.

And have already put a man in space.

India inspite of its claims will be unable to put a man in space even in another 20 years ! Thats how far we are behind.

Forceful sterilizations are actually patented by China. That and fines and disappearances for having more than one child etc etc…

We are not known for that… although it did happen during Sanjay Gandhi’s *drive* ..

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