Aarushi & The Siege

Have you noticed what is common between the 2? The victims were people whom we could relate to.
The mumbai attack was targeted to the rich (upper middle class as most people will like to project) at some of the most expensive restaurants in South Mumbai. Aarushi was a daughter of 2 influential dentist from Noida, Delhi.
Net result is that even through they were not be after several years, these incidents continue to crowd the headlines.
Filicide and honor killing of girls is quite common in India. Yet the urban educated Indian (to which the media caters to) always believe that “voh sab to gao meigh hota hai.. hamare yaha par nahi” (it happens in the villages no in the cities) People are shocked to even believe that well educated professionals could also practice in India.
After an extended trial that lasted for more than half a decade, the court finally sentenced the parents┬áRajesh and Nupur Talwar guilty of murdering their child and the domestic help. However the media seems to have difficulty in accepting this verdict and is flooding the media with sympathy towards accepting the fact that “Educated parents could kill their own children.”
Firstly, Indian justice system might be accused of slow and lenient, but this is probably one of the rare example where it is being accused of punishing the innocent. Esp. when the accused had all the financial and political muscle to hire the best lawyers, and sway the media/public opinion. (innocent poor do get locked away for years without a trial…. but rich influential… never)
Secondly, why would I care if the convicted (not accused) does not admit their guilt, or blame that they are victims of the system or they are not eating their food. Criminals are send behind bars so that they can spend time to repent and understand the repercussions of their actions.  I cannot understand why the media always sympathizes with the rich when they are put behind bars esp. for violent crimes.
Recently an political family tortured their maid to death, but she was a 7 day wonder. the media was hot for a couple of days and now they are completely mum.

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