Air Dhakkan

Ever wondered that 1/- airline ticket costs me 1200/-?
Why a 300/- dish at a 5 star costs me 400/- while a 10/- dish at a small restaurant/dhabba still costs me 10/.

At first glance, I really felt sorry for Captain G R Gopinath. I felt we are back in 70s where a common man had to pay 97% of his Income as taxes. Air Deccan is trying to enable the masses by selling them flight tickets at 1/- and my corrupt government is punishing it by levying it a 1000/- rupees fine. So I read the fine prints…… and actually felt cheated.

Here is the breakup of the airline ticket.

ticket breakup

Mind you, no part of the fuel surcharge, web consumer fee etc. goes to the government.

I am a simple Man who hates convoluted and complicated things. I could never understand the concept of
* conditions apply
* hidden charges and taxes extra

If you are selling me something, tell me clearly how much you intend to charge for it. Please be a bit more honest and do not indulge in marketing gimmicks.

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gimmick is to lure you to buy the ticket …. price is told to you before you buy the ticket. but worst part comes after you buy the ticket …. these low cost flights have reliability of mumbai rains. and if you want to change the itinerary then you pay almost double amount.

yeah bcos internet tickets are booked well in advance … companies ask for instant tickets. and anyways companies get discount in major tickets so small ones they dont mind … all in a day’s business!!!

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