Air India Express

Most of us when check the rates at makemytrip, yaatra and othertravel websites and book the lowest possible fare. However these websites often do not do an exhaustive search of the various airline options available esp PSU airline like Air India express.

A friend of mine could book a delhi to lucknow flight at 1195/- at Air India Express. Whats more that it is a fully refundable ticket because the airline has a policy of fully refunding taxes and surcharge. Also the flight takes off at international terminal. So he can stop by at the duty free shop and buy some discounted liquor 🙂
All this because he used a lesser known search engine easytrip

A comparable flight at jet light (next best option) would have a charge of 100/- as passenger ticket and 1700 as taxes and surcharge. = 18000 (almost 50% more expensive)

If you guys know of any other airline or search engine that could help me cut down my travel cost, please let me know.

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well i had done a post on cheap airfares

for international flights, direct booking through epayment via the airline site is best , but then again some agents quote rates that are astonishingly cheap

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