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Airlnes refuse to help the disabled.

My goodness India is a very cruel society. I wonder if they have something called a heart.
Firstly hardly 1-2% of the passengers are crippled/need wheelchair assistance. So helping 1-2 passenger board a flight should not be a big deal. right?
About the passing the cost to other healthy passengers. If your airlines is so much lean and mean as you claim it to be, then why don’t u allow them to have a companion who would roll them to their airport seat and quickly board off the plane (without creating any disturbance) …. it works perfectly well for Railways, Bus services.. I wonder why it won’t work for airlines…
or if you have problems in doing that… make a announcement…. I am sure not 1 not 2 but alteast 20 co-passengers will love to volunteer.

BTW one of my best friend has a polio… and I have been friends will some physically challenged individuals and none of them want to be assisted or any special treatments. All they want is that the buildings and airports should have a ramp comfortable enough for them to roll. They r not looking for charity… so don’t portray as if you are giving them one
Is it too much to ask for? Is it something for which they should pay extra?

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Very True Ankur.

Whats even worse is that some of the airlines do not find a air deck due to busy schedule at airports/lack of planning by the ground authorities. Inspite of being aware of physically challenged passengers, the airlines choose to use the conventional stairs for boarding. Ofcourse there are volunteers deployed specifically for the purpose of lifting the wheelchairs all up the way. But its sure a burden for the person.

The above happened in front of my eyes.

Voracious Blog Reader

By the way, Ankur, Happy New Year.

thanks dear same to u 🙂

exactly as what you say… it really hurts that even though there r extensive laws against it… most indians lack the basic human courtesy. have you watched “taare zameen par?” it all that that movie is trying to say

Yet to watch the movie. Heard its good.

Are you aware of Sri’s any other e-mail id?

I did message her at the number you gave me. No response. If you have her address, mail it over. I will knock at her door and request her to come back to the blog world.

Voracious Blog Reader

i do not have her door address.
actually its like she has disappeared from the face of the earth…. she is not answering the phones/emails. maybe she needs to spend time with herself and we should respect her…
BTW i am emailing u her assistant’s phone number … lets pray that it is still working (the guy does not understand hindi/english) so its impossible for me to communicate with him.

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