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Airtel Broadband services is one of the few Indian companies which not only say that customer is the king, but also practices it.
Let me list my interaction:
1) I send them a mail in the afternoon inquiring about the new connection. In a few hour their agent called me to fix the appointment, by the evening one guy was at my doorstep with forms and formalities. By next day evening my phone and Broadband was up and running (i think even my payment cheque was not even cashed by that time). All this hassle free service without me having to waste even a second.

2) I value my time, and would not like to run around the roads of Bangalore. Hence airtel agent drops my bills and picks up the cheque from my place, at no extra cost. So in the past 1 year, I never had to visit their office.

3) Then a couple of days before my phone was not working. I called 4112345, within 30 seconds the phone was picked up by a HUMAN. My complaint was promptly taken and the service engineer was there at my doorsteps within 70 minutes (inspite of the rains). Airtel has has a guarantee system. If the problem is not rectified within 3 hours, they refund 100/-.

People say that Airtel costs me more than BSNL, but if they give such kind of service i don’t care.

So guys do you know of any other Indian enterprise which thinks customer is the king?

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Airtel must be really desperate for customers. Pardon me but i have become very cynical about Indian companies, government or Private, once they grow big enough they simply start treating their customers like trash.

i believe it is competition…. there is tata indicom, airtel, reliance, bsnl… too many players.. and competition makes people responsive…. but whatever… i am one satisfied customer 🙂

my experience with airtel was pretty bad but not worst coz they refunded my money… just like u i also enquired for airtel broadband connection..the ‘human’ picked my call took my number and said their executive will call up and they did call…then that evening they came and said it is feasible and they will provide me with the net connection next day..unlike u i paid cash…they came next day in evening and found that technically its not feasible…i called the person who came to take money…he was like surely tomorrow u will get the connection…the next day again nothing…i called again…nothing…i called again…he stopped picking my call…again i called…he was in meeting (do they also attend meetings??? may be….) i called again…he switched off his phone…i went to airtel office, they said they will change the guy and will provide me connection within 2 days and that guys boss will call me…no calls…again i went to ask them to return the money…they said ok…i waited for 2 weeks (lots of calls and 3 visit to thr office) for the cheque thru which they refunded the amt…along with the mail came a letter…they regretted coz i was unlucky as i was not able to become their esteemed customer…the letter was to make me feel how unlucky i am..i still have the letter..the arrogance of airtel…may be i will post in some other time…franky i will say either u were too lucky or i was unlucky

I am surprised…. in the past one year airtel has given me no reason to complain and 100s of reasons for u to complain….
btw r u still writing on your blog? i thougth it had gone inactive

till now its been a honeymoon period… 🙂
but i am surprised none of the readers could give me pointers of a product/service which treats you like kings/queens

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