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Alternative to Speed Governors

For the past 2 days the taxis, trucks operators in Bangalore, Karnataka were on strike protesting against the proposal to install Speed Governors (in lines of Blue Line busses of Delhi).

The impact was so severe that several factories and offices including the Toyota Plant had to stop its operations. The authorities say that those drivers who already comply with the prescribed limits should not worry and these devices would only restore discipline on the streets.
While the drivers say that already due to congestion on Bangalore Roads the automobiles crawl at an average speed of 17 Km per Hour (about 10 miles per hour) so these speed governors would only result them in spending a 10-15K INR without any perceivable benefits to the public. Also speed Governors in Delhi have failed miserably. Tampering is rampant and hence they lead to no improvements.

On a lighter note, my friend Aparna forwarded me an Out of the Box solution for the problem

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Traffic in each city is a problem. I say 40% is due to the fact most Indian drivers do not have civic sense: negligent use of indicator, lane changing, stopping in midst of nowhere. I do not know how to stop this. Driving has actually become a frustrating experience.

Certainly it was out-of-box solution. 🙂

thanks guys for liking the post.

the enforcement in a lot of cities is poor. Defaulters should be fined heavily, vehicles and licenses of habitual defaulters should be impounded and we need to create a system (through fines, or humiliation in public) where everybody understands that breaking the law does not give u an edge over the law abider.

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