An old beloved TV Series

The problem with having a high speed broadband internet is that when you aren’t downloading anything on it, you feel you are wasting your money. So while desperately trying to fill up my second 2 Terabyte hard disc, I suddenly noticed that a very old serial was on the torrent – Street Hawk. I loved the show as a kid. So much so, that despite being a pampered brat, I could be coaxed into almost anything so that I would be allowed to watch it on DD1 every Sunday. And boy, did my mother blackmail me for the watching privileges. As a 5 year old, I would wake up early (on a Sunday), do my homework, polish my shoes, get ready as a good kid, eat green veggies and do almost anything without a peep for this show.
This was a short-lived series they broadcast in India in 1990, about a vigilante on a special motorcycle. Although it was on air for only 13 episodes, it still had a cult following. Its theme music is catchy and I believe anyone who has seen the series will still be able to identify it. So while I was watching it as a grown up, which also happened to bring back one of the best things I looked forward to as a child, I noticed a few stunts which I believe, have probably affected some of the very popular films and games. Amusingly enough, no one has noticed it so far. Keep in mind that the series originated in the mid 80s.
In the second episode of the series, Street Hawk is chasing George Clooney’s car over a “flood control channel” area. Now I am not sure what that area means, but it looks damn similar to the area where Arnold chases T-1000 in Terminator 2. Street Hawk makes the exact same jump as Arnold would do later with his Harley in the ’90’s. Only difference being, the Arnold scene looked much better.
Throughout the series, the protagonist is asked to change into his Street Hawk identity by his friend using the phrase – “Suit Up!!” Barney of HIMYM, sounds familiar?
In the same episode, George Clooney is being chased by cop cars. To ditch them, he sideswipes a scaffolding (pursuit breaker) so that it falls down just behind them, stopping those cars. NFS fans, reminds you of Most Wanted chases?
And in case you might be thinking, George Clooney did appear in the series before he became an icon.
Which series did you guys love as kids?

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