Are Indians suicidal or is indian media not reporting correctly?

I was reading the story of Susam Sarkar.
Until a few months ago, his family was earning a daily wage of 45/- and owned 1.5 acres of land in the under developed district of Singur. Then comes tatas, and they pay him 1.8 Million INR (a sum that is equivalent to 110 years of wages that he was earning) They also give him a job which increased the family income from 45/- to 200/- per day.
Now thanks to Mamta Banerjee, the work on Tata’s plan is shut down, and the media and his widow Balika Sarkar claims that it was because of this shutdown that he committed suicide. Now somebody tell me why would a man who has recently been paid money equivalent to 110 years of wages have money problem?
I do not want to sound disrespectful, but the man could have done anything with 1.8 Million of cash. Somehow it looks like either I am not getting my facts right, or the man was looking for a reason to end his life

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it could be a case of god made man – man made money – money made man mad!

all said and done bengal is a muddle and the congress is playing the mamta card to deal the communists some of their own old cards

it could be the fear of the unknown – being into manual labor the simpletons lifestyle had a radical change – this whole singur deal drastically changed his simple lifestyle and as both children were temproarily jobless he was scared of his wits by worrying about what the future held in store for his family

He constructed a two-storey house with enough room for all his children and their families.
That costs money.
His sons just lost their jobs.
I don’t know about you but in my village what i have noticed is that people prefer to have a steady paying job because it provides them security.
Having given up his land an his sons not having a job causes high insecurity among village people. That is not the case for every villager but a high percentage of what I have come across.

But what I can’t figure out it how we expect people to be given so much money without their knowing how to handle the amount?

@xylene… it was my not very successful attempt to create a humor out of this situation.

my whole question is that my family (with all its lifestyle etc) can survive for 3-4 years without any problem with the sum of 18Lakh.. then how come this guy landed in trouble in just 1 month.

its true for a district like Singur giving 12L per acre of land as compensation is more than generous… but that does not mean that a man should not be given adequate compensation.

The rule that “A fool and his fortune soon part their ways…” should not be used as an excuse to limit the compensation.

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