optical Illusion

BTW guys try to find the fault in this picture.

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that is why the photographer kept a graph paper for ur reference…. so u know that locate the bends and curvatures.
I know the middle bar is sticking straight out.. but i am not able to find the point of discontinuity.

The bar should go straight past the right side bar. Which means it will be positioned exactly where it is, but instead of intersecting the right side bar by going THROUGH it, it should go IN FRONT OF it. Instead of:


it should be


I hope that will show up in the comment without getting distorted.


I think it’s an optical illusion..using photoshop or something similar the photographer has drawn a column to stick out from the top part of the left bar at an angle incling down and in the same way has drawn a column from the bottom part of the right bar extended inside the frame at an obtuse angle and has joined the columns seamlessly. The graph’s only use is to say that the rt ad left bars are on the same line.

ok i needa know how this looks in person im trippin out ha.. how is this done? and what’s the whole joke thing these people are talking about…i dont get it?

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