Awww…what the helL


I joined a reputable MBA college recently…

Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah. I know you have come across lots of books on mba’s and iitians. Why this post again?

Just to tell you how my personality has been affected in the few months I have been here. I have become more cynical, a little darker and am operating on Peter’s Principle…inside the institute. But once outside my present peer group, I am a very confident, cheerful individual. (You can associate other good qualities of you own accord, they won’t be off the mark.)

So, what’s the point I am making?

It is quite similar to what dad told Calvin for their fishing trip- Instead of taking a vacation from your regular, boring life, make your vacation so bad that your regular life feels like a holiday trip. That’s how I see an mba course actually helping you.

Though I still wish I could call this two year stint just a bad vacation…

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