Back to Future: Doc’s Letter

I was viewing this old classic “Back to Future” where Emmett Brown had sent a letter to Marty McFly in future. This reminded me that while growing up we often made bets or tried to forecast how the future would be. Won’t it be amazing if I get a mail today stating:

“Ankur, in August 2003 you had forecasted that even after 10 years Bangalore will not have a functional Metro that can solve the traffic & mass transit problems of this alleged ‘Silicon Valley of the East’”

I will love to show this mail/statement/certificate around and gloat.
Similarly I might also get a letter:

“Ankur, in 1991 when P. V. Narasimha Rao got elected, you had forecasted that this is the end of the Gandhi Dynasty and people will start labeling ‘Indira Gandhi’ as the Dictator which she truly was”

Clearly I would be wrong on both counts and it would serve as a lesson to not make such rash & bold predictions.
Apart from being amusing, these letters could serve a valuable service. I could send a message to my daughter for her 16th Birthday. Unfortunately I am yet to find a website which provides a secure reliable service serving this need.

street, Bengaluru South, Karnataka, India

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