Bald salesman

These days I worry a lot about my receding hairline.. and unfortunately there is not much that i can do about it.

However this post by Scott Adams of Dilbert really made my day. He asserts that as long as a person is fit and dresses well, nobody will pay attention to his baldness. More people concentrate on the positives of the person, the things that makes them stand out… than on petty things on which one has no control

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btw nice blog… got here reading/googling about the LTA rules. though this post should have been filed there, i feel this blog only deserves a reply 😉

–> have some doubts about the carry forward of LTA.

welcome to E-Nagar 🙂
the govt rules state that the LTA can be claimed 2 times in a period of 4 years window. however most companies esp ones that don’t want to indulge in the complications don’t allow an individual to carry forward the lta to the next year. because that would mean retaining employee salary

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