ban on Horse slaughter

Appeals court rules against horse slaughtering in Texas
The arguments that a cowboy is always pictured as one riding a horse and not eating one looks a bit funny. I think no court case was won over a more frivolous argument.

If you compare with cow slaughter ban in India, you feel world over a common man is the same.

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Indian Bank IPO

I was doing an online search on Indian Bank IPO. As a result, I found you blog. I need help in answer the following quesition

What is the Long Term Outlook and Short Term OUutlook for the Bank?

What kind of return will it have ?

Will it have the same return as state india bank?

Indian Bank is a very small public sector bank. So comparing it with SBI and other giant banks might be wrong. On a short term and maybe medium term the IPO of indian bank should be good. but on a long term I do not think it will give any attractive returns.
I hope it answers your question.

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