Bangalore: How to fuck up a 14 lane road

The road from Silk Board (near koramanagala) to Electronic city is a 14 lane road. Probably the biggest capacity in India. It consists of a 6 lane main road, a 4 lane elevated toll-road and 2+2 lane service road. Yet today it took me more than 2 hours to cross the 10km long stretch.
Almost all the traffic problems can be attributed to stupidity of the municipal authorities. The crossings are not well defined. There street signs, or even the street names are missing. The traffic lights don’t work and the road signs have no directions on what route to take to reach the destination.
How difficult is it to plan for a straight road? Do you need a college degree to realize that if drains are not laid out then there will be water logging and traffic congestion? If the speedbreakers are not painted, the whole city has to drive slow for the entire stretch? If there is standing water on the road, the underlying mud will wash away and leave behind a pothole.
There is no cure to stupidity, and Bangalore municipality is a living example. The new parts of the city are most poorly design and are killing the city slowly. The tax collection is good but all the money is squandered away through corruption & stupidity. If you want to learn city mismanagement then visit Bangalore. It has the highest road tax in the country. (Maruti Ciaz is 1.2L cheaper in Delhi than in Karnataka) The fuel prices are highest in the country, the bus fare is 330 bucks from airport to Electronic city again highest in the country and the quality of life poorest in the country.
Siddaramaiah… Where the fuck are my taxes going????

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