Being Angry and showing anger

I am sure there are a dozen of books in the field of emotional stress which cover the effects of curbing ones feelings. Waiters, receptionists, air hostess etc. often have to put on a plastic smile in spite of how big a jackass they think the other person is.
On the other hand I have met a lot of people, esp. those who engaged suppliers, labor, contractors etc. who on a regular basis, yell and show anger on a regular basis. Its not that these guys are short tempered or like to show their position of power by abusing their subordinates, they yell because it’s their way of communication how important the task is. Some of them might be deriving some sadistic pleasures out of this, but most say that it’s the way of doing business. The interesting thing is that I have met so many of my friends who were swearing on top of their voice, making me concerned that there is a chance of a homicide here and the very next second they are back to normal. Being polite is a desired virtue which everyone should follow, but one cannot deny the fact that rising tempers often help to expedite the jobs.
Most books on emotional stress emphasize on the need to find a channel to vent out their frustrations. I am wondering if it is tiring for people who get more opportunities than they need to vent out their feelings. How they cope up and manage the pressures.

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There is a simple principle.
There are two sides to the business :
1 – Whom you pay money : Contracter, Supplier, Vendor, …
2 – Who pay you money : Customers, Clients, …
You can shout at the former, not the latter, irrespecive of the need and logic

Well, speaking from my own work experience, I have seldom seen people getting more opportunities than they need to vent out. Even with vendors, you shout only because you have to, otherwise the production line provides you ample opportunities for the same 🙂

…oh and by the way Ankur, I believe this post has offered the most insightful thought from you. Seems MBA has really got you going.

@ankur – at anyone, including the seniors, EXCEPT the labour….union, you see. They are the single most powerful force.
But there is one more thing, once you get into the habit of venting out through screaming, it is hard not to do so even if no opportunities present themselves.

What about not being angry but showing off to other people that you are working too much and too loaded and shouting at every other person whom you get a chance to shout. I know of a person who shouts a lot on phone, while talking to his subordinate, the whole office can hear but you know its more of show off than actual work

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