This website is a boom for couch-potatoes like me. Through the convenience of home I could order good quality fruits & vegetables and get them delivered the same day.
Buying from mandis/flea-market is often not an option because of the unsanitary conditions of the shops & my inability to bargain due to limited know-how of the local language. Buying from the supermarkets is also not pleasant due to excessive traffic & parking woes followed by unending queues at the weighing stations & check out counters. What I fail to understand is that why would the supermarkets not make shopping a happy customer experience.
BigBasket is probably amongst the rare e-commerce store that don’t indulge in unsustainable discounts/promotion schemes. The rates for fruits & vegetables are slightly higher, but they compensate us with good quality.
Pros: Simple interface, easy to order (over phone, apps or online)
Cons: Almost everything is at MRP. SuperMarkets offer much better pricing.

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