BJP/VHP Issues Fatwa against Karunanidhi

The VHP kendriya margdarshak mandal leader and two-time BJP Lok Sabha member issued the ‘fatwa’ in Ayodhya in which he said whosoever chopped off the head and tongue of the DMK president would be gifted with gold by the saints of Ayodhya.


My questions:
1) I do not know the legality of fatwa, but doesn’t this constitute as a threat, attempt of murder, and hiring assasins for a cold blooded murder? If so why is not this BJP MP not arrested for death threat?
2) By issuing fatwa, doesn’t VHP becomes exactly the organization that they truly hate?

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This is what happens when politicians go scott free after threatning people.Earlier it was the Muslim extremists who issued Fatwas now it their counterparts in VHP doing the same. No better way of gaining a celebrity status. All of a sudden all cameras are pointing towards you? It is depressing.

this is where the problem lies in bjp and liberals

bjp cant rein in the vhp who are their shock troopers

and liberals forget that bjp also also have decent centrist elements like vajpayee and paint it dirty

first how can u call it a fatwa only mullas give fatwas
//whosoever chopped off the head and tongue of the DMK president would be gifted with gold by the saints of Ayodhya.//
is a very vague statement from someone who wants to have his day at the pressbox – yes it is hate mongering but he didnt issue an instruction per say
so as to rule it as a fatwa
It is not much different from the slander against brahmins or hindu gods coming from the mouth of dmk chief or his idol -periyar

anybody can issue a statement proscribing a product/book/movie/trend… but the moment u issue a statement like this… the law should book the person for conspiracy and attempted cold blooded murder…. irrespective of what religion he/she belongs to..

btw this guy is a 2 time MP from BJP… and BJP has not yet disowned him…. so u can safely say that BJP is condoning his actions.

Did Ram Vilas Vedanti use the word “fatwa” or was it the reporter who reported his words as “fatwa”? Seems like an attempt at sensationalism by the reporter….

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