buffet and desserts

I have often seen that in a buffet, almost all dishes were unmanned, but the dessert counter always has a waiter ready to serve you. Initially I thought that is because sweet dishes are relatively more expensive and by doing so the management is keeping a check on its consumption. However recently I have realized that the non-veg is usually the most expensive part of any good buffet. A chicken leg is more expensive than a rasgollah or a scoop of ice cream.
Then why has this practice not changed? Is the waiter there to serve the customers better? What is his purpose? I asked him, but all he could say was, because I was asked to do so. Any comments?

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i think it is because of the quantity one can potentially consume
plus non veg dishes hardly have that much meat , unlike in europe and america
u can eat a dozen rasogullas not chicken legs

I think, ice creams should be decorated. 2 scoops with sauce on top in our hands or on a table should be looking in a classic style. Chicken leg can be placed anywhere in our plate. 🙂 But no idea about waiter serving rasgollahs… 🙂

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