Bunking Classes

It is very common for students to bunk classes. Many of them count the number of classes they attend and make sure they do not have to attend even 1 extra class. What a waste.

I believe that bunking classes is like shooting yourself in the foot. During lecture hours, a student should either be in the class or in the hospital. There is no 3rd place.

I agree that many smart kids feel that they can learn what the old professor teaches on their own in half the time. But the problem is that that half class always gets procrastinated. Whats worse is that because of loss of continuity, they spend the first half of the next class trying to figure out what the professor is trying to say.

Lastly, if you think you are so smart that you do not need to attend the classes, then go do some home schooling. Don’t waste your father’s money.

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i never bunked classes of my good profs in college
i never attended classes of the terrible ones πŸ™‚
even with my bad attendence the good profs on the attendance committee always managed to keep me out of harms way

thats what i am talking about.
why select the course of a professor if you know he is a bad teacher… and suppose u do end up with him/her then u would be better off in the classroom rather than idling in the cafeteria and wasting the time

oh…….i m not in favour of bunking classes ……but smtimes it so happens ki u can’t just sit in d class of a particular prof…… rather than sleeping in d class we ppl prefer to stay out(why irritate d prof. by sleeping or distracting him πŸ™‚ )…….do u think there is a pt in attending a class where u know u won’t gain nythng (but meanwhile u can do lot more important things instead)??……..well i agree that it is bad to bunk classes on a regular basis n without ny good reason but its not really bad to bunk a few if u can utilize that time in sm other thing ……..
//Don’t waste your father’s money.
Oh boy …….this one is really strong πŸ˜›

yes its a strong post.. because the attitude of today’s youth is that they are smarter than their professor. well if they r so smart then why on earth they even go through the 3-4 years of ritual to attend a college…. just sit home and enjoy a drink or 2.

oh my gosh …….i don’t think it is like that …….well why don’t u advice our good prof’s to start teaching in a better way, so that students want to attend their class……i hv never seen ppl bunking d class of a good prof (even if they don’t take attendence)…….nobody wants to bunk classes (except sm exceptions)……..n certainly we can’t spend 3-4 years depending on just a drink or 2(be practical yaar – we need loads)…… πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

:)) ok ok u can start your own brewery….

btw almost all colleges esp IIT Chennai allows students to choose their courses. so won’t it be wise to choose subjects where you are sure that the prof is interesting.

Good Prof….RARE to find nowadays…
Rather then teaching they r more interested in playing politics,
gossiping even in the studios..
And there is no Gurantee tht u’ll pass even if u attend dumb prof’s
lectures, just ‘coz ur not a localite or ur not his fav student, or
ur portfolio is misplaced by the stupid prof .
it’s better to attend only those classes which are mandatory for u
to appear in exams.
whole semester u maroo nights to complete ur portfolio and ur Gr8 prof
don’t even thk once before using it as a tablecloth. and just before
the External viva wt u have is portfolio rendered with tea cup marks,
pigeon shits…and wt not.( felt like giving a tight punch, but couldn’t
do so πŸ™ coz my internal marking was dependent on his mood.)

@ smita
Oh my God this is too much ……..I know it is really difficult to say nythng to d prof but u shud hv really told him that u r displeased by the way he handled ur hard work ……i hope we don’t hv such profs in IITM (till now i hv had real gud ones ……they might not teach well but they r really concerned abt their students and their welfare)…….

abhi 3 sems tak to we didn’t get ny chance to choose ny course πŸ™

isn’t there a concept of optional subjects, major minor, choosing subjects from other departments etc.. atleast KGP had that… we were given a list of 150 courses and every semester we had to choose from that list… and as an icing on the cake.. if there is a subject which you want to learn and it is not offered then all u need is to gather 5 interested students and then it becomes the responsibility of the IIT to find a competent faculty to teach the subject

some interesting comments

on terrible profs
i had one who taught math i attended 2 lectures of his – both times he went on to say and i quote,, U …Uboy uthere – ur doing funny business give me ur id and get out of the class when i sat there like an angel doing nothing that irked him . needless to say – i didnt bother attending his lectures again

on sleeping
i always hated early mornings, first lecture was eco and in ty eco meant stats and more stats more data and more junk and our vprincipal was a tad bit soft
i always sat on the last bench and always had a great sleep
once a student who was heckling my sleep, wanting to take my seat so that he could do his accounts class homework got reprimanded πŸ™‚ to the amazement of all including me
the prof had no complaints as i always gave the right answers..

wow… u r like abhimanyu… he learned inside his mother’s womb while you learned while u were fast asleep.

I know often profs get on our nerves, but that never frees us from the responsibility to learn the subject. and i personally found that no matter how bad the prof was attending his classes were more productive then idling (I was never a library guy)

@ ankur
wow thats gr8…..but till now we hv got no such opportunity πŸ™ ……. we r given d list of courses we hv to undertake ……well i don’t know abt the later years but i think even in our 3rd n 4th years we have mostly mandatory courses for a particular branch……
@ prax
I agree that some profs can be really painful….well how did u manage to answer all the ques even when u slept through the class!!!!!!! (i can’t even when i m awake πŸ™ )…… i too used to love going to lib (mostly for short story books n comics πŸ˜› ), but now too many distractions in d room itself…….

but ankur u were an iit guy and i do think the level of profs is much better at iits than local commerce colleges πŸ™‚

well eco was one of my fav subjects and i loved to read
infact i had bugged another eco prof so much with my incessant questioning that he gave me full liberty to bunk – and once i missed his lecture he landed up missing me πŸ™‚

ty eco was lots of govt stats and green revolution, gdp poverty unemployment etc aint rocket science anyone will feel sleepy

i also love economist… its so easy to explain the socio-political developments by using economics fundamentals…. but dude its tougher than rocket science (which I majored in)

thats too bad. in kgp we had a concept of major minor and flexible curriculum… and that made courses very interesting.

frankly speaking, im not in favour of attending classes…
infact half the time i used to attend only for attendance sake when proxy wasent possible…except for a few proffs who were really good at putting things across πŸ™‚
yeah i would have favoured schooling at home if i could afford to bring human cadavers for dissection and entire wards of each dept in med school to study the practical aspect of greys anatomy and hutchinson :-/

lectures are boring in med school..but its the practical work and interaction with patients that actually makes u what u are…
i wouldent give up my internship period for anything in the world though πŸ™‚

i totally agree that parents have a big hand in shaping their child, but that work should be over by time time u hit 16… i am in big favor of students staying in hostels during college and doing some hard work for a change….
but what appalls me that once people get into college esp IIT IIM or medical they stop working hard and start thinking that the world owes them a living

i would prefer to call it the responsible side of me… and yes unfortunately, unlike how i sound (esp if u have heard stories of my mischief and drinking and partying) i am a very responsible person

think u r 2 smart jst watch the mirror and then take the razor and well b4 speaking heavy trendy rendy shit bull shit words know their meaning………

You think people attend college because they can’t learn what college teaches out side? wake up dude.. that piece of paper called degree is what get’s you money…. so, you have to take them up & finish them.. some dalliance in between is forgivable..

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