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Note to all you texters: Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse!

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there is a comment at my blog waitg for u
Lakshmi energy and foods
the management integrity is unknown but it has an impressive set of shareholders
this is a great sector to be in sunshine sector if it can be named so… if there is no govt intervention
but sadly if the govt bans exports profits are hit even though the mrp here will go u know the market mix and the margin structure better? the money is always made by the stockist and wholeseller.

lakshmi energy is into non-basmati rice exports… which is more tightly regulated
i did a prelimary analysis of Jayant agro.. 1. its sales are not going.
2. there are better companies with lower PE ratio.
taparia tools will take me some time to analyze

i asked about taparia aka buffet style because it is the most reputed brand among workmen but china is competing strongly in that sector
the regulation is the undoing and there will be more regulation in future for rice

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