Carpe Diem

Let us not live in the past, but make the best of the present. Constantly ranting about the glorious past slowly conditions you as a loser. It makes you think yourself as an irresponsible person who could not even safeguard his inheritance.

A winner always uses accomplishments of the past as a platform to learn, and demonstrate his current abilities.
A drunken waster however will constantly rant about the power/wealth/influence he once had. You immediately know that he has squandered it away and has no chance to regain it back.

It is your decision which category you belong you. After all both say the same thing, yet have totally different approach. Lets make the most of what we have, and stop thinking of what we lost.
A J wrote these lines in one of the forums:
To keep a person alive give him love,
if you cant give him love, give him hope,
if you cant give him hope, give him something to do….
and if you are happy with wat you are doing, you will find hope and slowly love

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