Caste and mid-day meals

How many indian cooks do you think a school of 40 students need?

well first was a muslim… and hindus won’t touch the food prepared by him
second was a dalit, and brahmins rebelled
so the third was a brahmin…
so on to appease the rest of the castes, one would have to appoint 5 different cooks.

Now you know that even after a decade of implementing the midday meals (all school going children to be provided with free lunch at school) Indian has the highest number of illiterate and undernourished kids.

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Well it might be easy to say that such things happen to ignorant village folks…. but u and I are no different.
one of my brahmin friends won’t allow the servants (low caste) to eat in the utensils she regularly washes. In fact if she accidentally touches any food item, that entire dish is discarded.
In most families (including mine) servants are expected to clean the toilets, but they cannot use that toilet.
Many parents are OK with their kids sometimes going to bed without taking off their shoes, but the servants cannot even enter the household with their foot wear on (and most indian houses do not put on the central temperature controller during the chilly winter season)

I just hope that in 2008, Indians start establishing some dignity towards labor. I hope that is not too much to ask for.

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These things go on…it’s everywhere and it’s sad because the labour has internalized it. I remember when I told my maid to use a ceramic mug for her tea, she was shocked and insisted on using a plastic one!
Also I must mention something else…amongst brahmins the concept of Jhootha is very strongly entrenched. My grandfather for example used to carry his plate and glass and katori with him wherever he went, he would only eat from those utentils, his own. Once when I was a kid I asked my mom why he did it, and she said that there is no guarantee that a particular glass or thali is properly washed.
Those who eat out should keep that in mind. In reality we actually eat everyone’s jhootha, if we eat out that is.

my maternal grandmother also did not eat in ceramic plates…
her reasoning… earlier when ash was used to clean the utensils… only steel plates were washed with rub… ceramic plates were washed with plain water.

but my point was that we indians lack dignity towards labor…. and as per gurcharan das in his book India unbound… this is the reason why the intelligent indians did not roll up their sleeves and work hard… and that is why indians lack innovation

This behavior and the mindset is the reason why a country with all the riches in its land ,including labor , is in such a pathetic condition when compared to developed nation.Even nations without any natural riches and resources , like Japan , are developed , and the reason is the mindset and unity.

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