Caste and mid-day meals

How many cooks should a school of 40 students have?

1st cook was a muslim, but then the hindu students won’t touch the food (vegeterian) which she prepared.
So you appoint the 2nd cook who was a dalit… and she did a wonderful job, but brahmin students won’t touch the food that she has prepared
so the third cook who was a Brahmin had to be appointed.
now christians and sikhs and jains and god knows what all feel left out…
so essentially you need a cook from all the possible caste/subcaste of a country…..

just to distribute food free of cost to the undernourished children of the country…..

No wonder according to UN, we have the maximum number of under-nourished children… more than Ethopia, and other african countries.

Mind you, the caste is not limited to these village folks.. most brahmins I know won’t allow their maids to touch the food.
most families (including mine) won’t mind if the servants clean the toilet, but won’t allow them to use it.
Several people will sometimes sleep in their bed with their shoes on, but their servant cannot wear any footwear inside the house…..

Where did we lose our dignity towards labor?

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