India Borrows from World Bank

I was reading this news about india borrowing an additional $518 million from World Bank. Now my question is:
1. Eternal debt has already led to Pakistani currency being rated as a junk currency. Indian currency has a BB rating and any additional debt would only force Moody’s or S&P to further lower it.

2. India already has a huge forex reserve (251 USD) why does india not use it? Anyways that cash is lying idle and not earning as much interest.

If India wants to play a bigger part in the global economy, it should help World bank and other international agencies help countries suffering from stagflation, and not borrow from this pool.



India’s energy security

I could not stop laughing after reading this line

China stole a natural gas deal from right under India’s noses. It signed a 30-year natural gas supply agreement from a field in Myanmar in which India has a 25.5% stake.


Similarly Swaminathan wrote a wonderful editorial explaining why a gas line from Iran is also infeasible.

So if India continues to mess up with the neighbors, is not able to import gas… I wonder what the energy future is for us? BTW India has the worst quality coal in the world. Most of which has over 50% ash (sillica) content which makes it unsuitable for most purposes except power plants. And newer and stricter environmental guidelines would stop us even from that purpose.

News Thoughts

Sex Education/Moral Guidance

Came across a nice news item.  Here is an excerpt.

‘They do it because everyone else is and they feel they should, too. Information isn’t guidance. Telling people they can have contraceptives in school or giving them sex education at five just isn’t enough. What young people need is moral guidance  –  that is what is missing.’

To read the entire article, click here.


12 deadly sins

Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar has recently written a wonderful article listing out the 12 deadly sins Indians are committing and which will seriously jeopardize our future.


Being Handicapped gives unfair advantage

I read this interesting post about how a strong willed man overcome his disability and regular, able-bodied athletes are using every dirty trick in the book to ensure that this man without any legs is ineligible for participation in the Beijing Olympics.

Well they should be scared, Oscar Pistorius, the 21-year-old South African paralympic, can run 400m in just 46.34 seconds (against the 8 year old world record by Michael Johnson of 43.18 seconds).


need of rating NGOs

Livemint today published a wonderful article emphasizing that NGO need to be accountable to the donors and there is a need for rating them. Their argument that when people know that their money is being well spend, they like to give more. Hence rating agencies like GiveWell can really transform the way NGOs manage themselves.

News Photography Thoughts

Photography ethics

Photo courtesy:  BBC news

The above pictured in the BBC website.

I felt very sad looking at the photo.

The Woman was collecting rice that was spilt on the

ground. Its really heart breaking to see somebody

lowered to such a state. 🙁

Whether this Woman is a terrorist, muslim, Iraqi etc., etc., she is a Woman first. She is so caring that she
picks up rice for her family.

To top all this, the Photographer thought that it was appropriate to photograph her. Dear Photographer, do
the words “Photography ethics” tell you something? Shame on you.

And a soldier is happily posing for the photo without even a shade of shame or pity for the women.

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Origin of Syphilis

IT WAS called the “French disease” by the Italians and the “Italian disease” by the French. In the Netherlands it was assumed to be Spanish; in Russia, Polish. The Turks thought it was a Christian affliction. The Tahitians thought it came from Britain. What exactly is it?

Here is a nice article from economist explaining how this New world Bacteria went global.


Scared of Injections?

Well if you do, then don’t read about the new injection which my college IIT Kharagpur has developed. Because in wrong hands, it has change the course of next 10 years of your life.

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Road to Prosperity

According to an research by IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute):

For every million rupees spent, roads raised 335 people above the poverty line, and R&D 323. Every million rupees spent on education reduced poverty by 109 people, and on irrigation by 67 people. The lowest returns came from subsidies that are the most popular with politicians – subsidies on credit (42 people), power (27 people) and fertilisers (24 people).

Swami has recently published a very good article on how roads can be one of the most effective way for poverty elevation.

Connectivity enhances the value of every other rural investment, since it empowers people through improved mobility and access. People can more easily buy agricultural inputs and sell their produce. Children can go more easily to schools, cattle can more easily get veterinary help, and the sick can get to health centres. Remote areas have, by definition, the worst connectivity. They are among the poorest and slowest-growing, but accelerate when given connectivity.

Roads can incubate a thousand small businesses, and can convert villages into towns. Government staff are much more willing to be posted to places with good connectivity, so roads improve administration. Rural productivity cannot be high without roads, but can be very high with them.

No wonder even in America the railroad boom came first and then came the rapid growth and development.

When will Indians understand it 🙁