Charity NGO Open Source

Project …..

First some background ..

In early 2008, a friend came to me with a problem. Working in a charity organization she needed some help analyzing data. She were looking for something that would help them track donations, spending. Unfortunately, even charity organizations need to pay for such software specifically designed for them. Some soft wares do offer discounts, however just buying software is one part of the total expenses.

My friend’s organization was getting software at a discounted rate, however what they did not realize at that time was that such software come with maintenance  charges. Very few companies make money out of selling solutions directly, most profits are made by maintenance charges which vary from a basic minimum to 25% of the software cause whichever is higher. Provided you want maintenance of course.

A quick look into the open source market revealed that even though there are solutions available in the market, most are geared towards making one buy the enterprise version. The modules are not exhaustive and offer only basic functionality. So a few of us got together and decided to create a complete open source solution. It would be free to download and use, and have the look and feel of a professional solution.

Since most of the team was working in product companies, we realized that we would have to design an entire new framework based on open source solutions so as not to clash with propriety software.  So what followed over the past one and a half years was research into technologies that will hopefully be the in thing in future, revisions and revisions of what the framework could be capable of, interrupted by of course, the recession ( a few changed jobs), the mergers (twice in a year for one of us), accidents (85 kg fatty and the driver swears he never saw me 🙁 )   . However we have just put in the last finishing touches to the core of the framework and are developing the admin module. On the side we have been talking to NGO’s and charity organizations to find out what they need in terms of IT.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have a name for the framework yet 🙁  Having vetoed the names of all girlfriends, ex girlfriends, wives and other such we are really having trouble with the name.

So here is something which we hope you all will help us in. Suggest a name for the framework. We will be using the framework to design the modules however we would really like a general name since the framework can be used for other applications as well.

Some guidelines

  1. The name should be of 2 syllables preferable or 3 syllables max.
  2. It need not mean anything but if it does something close to what we are trying to achieve, props to you.
  3. If it has humor factor  even better, we love humor.

Thanks for your help in advance.

If you want more information about the project or would like to contribute in terms of knowledge of NGO’s and their requirements please feel free to contact me Sandip. We will shortly be unveiling a page about the project and you will be able to follow it here. And yes, we are proud to be associated with and it will be where we move forward with our project.