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Its easy to search god but difficult to search hidden cameras.
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Photography review

Guhantara: The Cave Town

There Asia’s First Cave Resort is located about 25 kms from B’shankari temple, Kanakpura Road (Next to Angana Resort) Bangalore. Here are some of the snaps of the place.


A more verbose review can be found here


some interesting pics

picture of a unborn baby’s foot

what my shirt label says

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dead end

i am really confused what to choose?

Photography Thoughts

Pregnant Smoker

This picture made me wonder, how many times we judge a stranger by only the external appearance.
Like this other day I careless bumped into a guy walking on the street. The guy was carrying a bottle of liquor which broke. Since I had not seen the guy before the accident, its most likely my fault. Yet, seeing the broken bottle I pretended as if this lunatic blocked my path (even though there was no way I could conclusively prove that the guy was intoxicated). I am pretty much sure I would have apologized if the guy was carrying a Cold Drink bottle instead.

Humor Photography

man of the year

One thing remarkable about this guy is that he has his priorities right.

Humor Photography

What is blogging

and soon you might see this message outside shops and offices

News Photography Thoughts

Photography ethics

Photo courtesy:  BBC news

The above pictured in the BBC website.

I felt very sad looking at the photo.

The Woman was collecting rice that was spilt on the

ground. Its really heart breaking to see somebody

lowered to such a state. 🙁

Whether this Woman is a terrorist, muslim, Iraqi etc., etc., she is a Woman first. She is so caring that she
picks up rice for her family.

To top all this, the Photographer thought that it was appropriate to photograph her. Dear Photographer, do
the words “Photography ethics” tell you something? Shame on you.

And a soldier is happily posing for the photo without even a shade of shame or pity for the women.

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Poor Service.

This is a nice way to tell the hotel management how bad is their service.