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Choice and Passion

2 years ago I started cooking for myself. However I had to abort the entire project in the midway, because my stomach could no longer take the torture of digesting the food cooked by me. I am not alone, typically a guy tries to avoid learning how to cook for as long as he can afford to (by hiring a maid on monthly basis or on permanent basis through marriage) Indian Girls are on the other hand literally forced to learn cooking and serving.

However whenever I eat some really delicious food, it is very likely that a guy-chef or the male member of the household has prepared it. One of the best hospitality experiences are when I am served by males.

I am not a MCP who is trying to prove that males are superior in a female activity. What I am trying to say is… most guys cook/serve not out of compulsion but due to passion. While most females cook/serve because they have to.

The only difference between an Average performer and a Top performer is simply PASSION. To excel in life, one needs to pick up an activity which he/she loves, and pursue it with complete dedication.

Combing back to my rambling on education:
India has tens of thousands of graduate engineers. But even then most IT companies find them sub-standard. This is because most Indians pick engineering and software industry out of compulsion and not out of choice.

“You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink”

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Good point. Passion makes a lot of difference but most women i have known are indeed passionate about cooking as they are about shopping or jewellery so the quality is indeed always there.

And about men taking up cooking because of passion. well pls don’t tell this to someone who has endured 4 years of hostel food :).

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