Citi-Gold Relations Manager

A true incident in USA:
A young Investment trainee is taken to the harbor. “Here”, says his boss, “are the partners’ yachts. And over there are the yachts of the bankers who lend to us.”
The naive youth replies: “But where are the customers’ yachts?”

Citibank is buying almost all the airwaves to promote personal banking. These were some of the advertisements I saw.
1)A guy cooking a meal with passion. He forgets to add salt in his food because he was thinking about his work.
2)A hot lady going for a jog. She is checking out guys and suddenly she stops. Why? Because she remembered she has to help one of the customers to buy some funds.
3)A guy is playing and feeding his kid. And all he can think is when to call his client.

The common thing between all 3 of them…. There are all Citi-Gold Relationship Manager who are always thinking about your financial success.

All I can think of:
1)Citibank is so much understaffed that it robs all its employees of any free time.
2)The Relationship Manager actually jog, cook, or play with kids during office time. Once in a while they stop, roll the dice and pick the funds to invest in.

What I am saying is I appreciate if the person I am dealing with gets a good night sleep and gets some free time to relax. I am a bit skeptic about handing over my life-savings to a stressed out executive.

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