How much time does it actually take to change a lightbulb?
Well if you are a CMM level 5 company, This is what you will have to do:

  • One dev to spend five minutes implementing ChangeLightBulbWindowHandleEx.
  • One program manager to write the specification.
  • One localization expert to review the specification for localizability issues.
  • One usability expert to review the specification for accessibility and usability issues.
  • At least one dev, tester and PM to brainstorm security vulnerabilities.
  • One PM to add the security model to the specification.
  • One tester to write the test plan.
  • One test lead to update the test schedule.
  • One tester to write the test cases and add them to the nightly automation.
  • Three or four testers to participate in an ad hoc bug bash.
  • One technical writer to write the documentation.
  • One technical reviewer to proofread the documentation.
  • One copy editor to proofread the documentation.
  • One documentation manager to integrate the new documentation into the existing body of text, update tables of contents, indexes, etc.
  • Twenty-five translators to translate the documentation and error messages into all the languages supported by Windows.The managers for the translators live in Ireland (European languages) and Japan (Asian languages), which are both severely time-shifted from Redmond, so dealing with them can be a fairly complex logistical problem.
  • A team of senior managers to coordinate all these people, write the cheques, and justify the costs to their Vice President.

– Source MSDN blog

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yups.. isn’t it an amazing birthday gift 🙂
thanks for all the efforts…
wordpress still has not written back to me regarding the reasons and stuff. nor can i see any of the posts or comments being removed.. its strange.. but maybe i was just unlucky

congrats for getting a new job. I had heard that its very hard to get a job in financial markets, but then you were always a genius. 🙂 so when r u starting your job.

thanks and good to see you again

Nothing to do with genius actually. My job is very IT oriented, unfortunately. That is the precise reason I’m laughing at this joke now 🙂 I’ll start in a week’s time.

This can give an idea how IT companies make money. They count Man-hours and get paid. CMM 5 level means write a hello world program in 5 minutes and make documents for it remaining day. 😀

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