Coca-Cola plant has produced sludge containing cadmium

Recently I was talking to one of my friend about how big corporations are being targeted and how the pesticide issue would have never been discovered had Parle or some other small indian bottler was involved. However, the response which I got was totally unexpected.
Did you guys know that in 2003 Coca-Cola Plants were found guilty of polluting environment? Here is the gist of the points raised:

* In the last three years, a Coca-Cola plant in Kerala’s Palakkad district has produced more than 5,000 tonnes of sludge, which Coke officials say is good fertiliser for crops.
* But an investigative study by media giant BBC- the British Broadcasting Corporation — and environmentalists insists that the fertiliser contains ‘hazardous toxic chemicals.’
* Water samples collected from the wells near the Coke factory situated at Plachimada are now found to be unfit for drinking. The hardness and chloride found in the well water are at medically unacceptable levels.
* A probe has now been launched by the Kerala government to check out the hazardous content in the fertilizers provided to the farmers.
* Another study by Greenpeace too says the sludge is extremely harmful to plant and animal life.

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