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I find tomorrow as the most confusing of the terms than man uses in everyday life. (and yes this comes from a man who understands rocket science)

Let me give you an example.
1) For most people, tomorrow is like horizon. You feel its not too far away, but the moment you approach it, it goes even further.
2) Then when you are working across time zones, tomorrow can be real confusing. You never know whether its your tomorrow or his tomorrow. So if my US counterpart says in an early morning meeting that I need to do by tomorrow morning, that means I need to finish the task in 24 hours. Right, but more often than not it means I need to finish the task by the evening (his morning)
3) Even for those living in the same time zone tomorrow morning could be a bit confusing. This is specially when we are working late. For me the day rolls over only after I have caught some sleep. So if I am up late night and somebody else commits that he will finish the task by tomorrow morning, then in the joy I often forget that the other person is demanding for 30 hours and not 6 hours.

What is your definition of tomorrow?

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Time is relative isn’t it. I find the concept of time fascinating. Time flies, or it slows or it simply stops. That is my concept of time. there is no tomorrow or yesterday but just today.

Yup, That shows when we promise some one a job to finish by tomorrow or when some one else does the same, we need to ask him/her about the time frame of hours we are talking about. No confusions then.

if you are talking about time, its different for different ppl, for us Indians 10:30 meeting(one hour meeting) start at 10:45. ends at 12:00.
If someone ask us to wait for him/her at 1400, they turn up at 1445.
Thats more about punctuality, thats the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about time.
For ppl in service business like my internet provider/hindustan pureit/tataindicom tomorrow is like NEVER ! They promise me services/help tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes.

so true.

i tried that…
the only way one can successfully do that is by saying i want this done by 6pm IST instead of today evening…
but the very mention of a exact time, makes me feel authoritative, and that is not what i want to project.

not everywhere, a lot of places have started becoming punctual…. its a not too hard to impose culture.

1 day = tomorrow… plus usually most work don’t require a reminder unless the deadline is less than 48 hours away.

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