Conflict Resolution Questionnaire

Friends, I am doing my Behavior in Organizations project in Conflict resolution and for that I would be requiring your inputs. So please spare a couple of minutes to fill in this survey

This survey measures one’s conflict resolution techniques on 10 dimensions:
1. View of the conflict
2. Atmosphere
3. Clarification of perception
4. Needs
5. Power
6. Future
7. Options
8. Doable
9. Mutual Benefit agreement
10. Extra considerations

Thank you for taking your time to fill in this survey for me.

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Hi ankur
Nice survey! I’m just in the process of filling it in.
Loved your blog and its thought-provoking posts. Can you add my blog to your blogroll?
I’d love to do the same too!


I chanced upon your blog in my research on conflict questionnaires. I need some help with a questionnaire on conflict catering to business from a cross cultural management perspective. If it is possible, please share your survey questions with me @

Many thanks.

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