Conspiracy Theory: Origin of aids

I recently was reading an interesting theory which concludes that the medical tests done by a team of scientists could be resonsible for the AIDS Virus.
They say that the Chat strain of Oral Polio Virus developed by Hilary Koprowski in 1957 used kidneys of live chimpanzees and was administered to millions in Congo. They claim that this could be the point where the cross-over from chimpanzees to humans took over.

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This theory has seen a fair share of ridicule — mostly from the fact the it was published in Rolling Stones magazine and that most of the investigation was done by a journalist. You have to admit! Rolling Stones!! C’mon. 🙂

i agree rolling stone was a very bad choice to publish any scientific fact.. nor I am propogating this theory….

all i am asking is that just like informed adults lets listen to them… maybe the points they raise have some merit…

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