Here is an extract of an email discussion I recently had:

On corruption, there is a cultural difference between India and the West. Not that the West is corruption-free. But there is zero tolerance, at least in theory. In India, we think bending the rule is not undesirable as long as the ultimate objective is achieved. It starts with the family and right from childhood.

I don’t know why our people don’t understand. Life is so peaceful when your mind is totally free and abhors corruption. It is something akin to when one has conquered material desires. Being self satisfied with what one has is the key.

In my opinion the most dangerous trend in Indian society is that the society no longer perceives bribery as a crime. Not only have those who give bribes but also those who take now proudly advertized this fact. It is not the policing but the social stigma that keeps such vices under control. However when corruption becomes socially acceptable or even desirable that’s when one realize that the society has begin to rot.
All corruption yield is that overpriced sub-standard goods being produced by under-qualified persons who cannot deliver in time. It also frustrates the honest and competent persons away and makes the society worse off.

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